Large Scale Neural Network Application Programming Interface

This document describes a programming interface to be used for simulating an artificial neural network or a network of simulated brain cells. This API is distinguished by the scale of simulations it hopes to accomodate, which is on the order of 100,000,000,000 neurons. The neural network model is simulated by means of an iterative process executed over a number of separate processing nodes. Each node may be part of a tailored beowulf cluser or one of a large number of computers distributed over the internet. This API is expected to become part of the standard library for a new programming language currently under closed development
(development will be opened when it reaches a suitable state of maturity).

  • The assumptions underlying the model are described in the associated document: Assumptions

  • The details of the simulation cycle are described in the associated document: Processing Loop

  • Through the initial version of the API is static future versions will provide for the model to be dynamically optimised to run on the available processing nodes. This is termed a 'mobile model'.

  • Network Topologies will be transferred through means of a standard interchange format described in the associated documents:

    Note: This part of the document is in very early stages. A reference implementation is being developed in tandem (in C/C++) and is at a more advanced level of construction.


    The API defines minimum programmatical properties for the following objects


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    This is an open and evolving standard created for the purpose of scientific research. Contributions are actively encouraged. At present their is normal formal support or renumeration for any work undertaken. Criticisms, suggested improvements and all other queries should be directed to the email address given below:

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