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I like to refer to myself as a cyberneticist, after the title of my first degree (BSc Cybernetics & Control Engineering at the University of Reading). Cybernetics is most easily explained as a cross between electronic engineering and computer science. My main interest, however, is in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

TCL & Scripting Projects

I have a number of programming projects underway and more planned for the future. My current flavour of the month is the 'scripting' language TCL. However, my eyes are opened to the many shared features of all 'scripting' languages. This field might best be termed multi-scripting. For information about the TCL & scripting related projects I have planned see the following:

Other Projects

Other items of interest

Points of Contact

I can be contacted electronically in the following ways:

An online html version of my CV is available here.
Alternatively a text version may be downloaded here as cv.txt (last updated 25th-May-2004)
A version in proprietry M$ word format is available here cv_bsa200405.doc

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