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Irregular Verbs

A listing of my favourite irregular verbs as pioneered by Sir Bernard Wooley in Yes Minister.



Eventually there will a mechanism here by which you can submit your own irregular verbs. For now if you have any really good ones send them to me via email or whatever. That said I just found a link to a site with a fair number off bbc.co.uk so maybe they can be left in charge. I'm not a complete control freak (power! more power!...). I nicked 'freelance' from them though it sounds familiar. The consensus is that I've misquoted individual which seems to be the most memorable for everyone (read 2 sites found via google) not just me (I'm not so unique after all!) should be "independent mind". The link is:

Actually on reflection they aren't maintaining that high a standard there. They also seem to have been linked to by most other sites found on the subject through google, which therefore makes them authorative (that's how google works). They do very effectively point out that is a paradigm and not something you can exhaustively list, like most things in linguistics. Still its a nice way to code a perspective transform into an AI.