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Most of us have a tendency to accumulate crap over the years. Here is a compendium of some of mine. The intention is to list items with reviews and pictures where appropriate and possibly indicate a few which I'd be willing to part with for good homes and/or the right price. Some stuff I guess should go on a suitable swap shop site (ebay?)

I don't collect DVDs or videos unlike most people these days. I rarely tend to watch a particular film again after I've seen it. I mostly let the TV schedules decide what to see again. I cheifly tend to collect books & computer games. With a bit of cheesy tat and spare parts thrown in for good measure. When I was younger I collected toy robots some of which have survived the test of time better than others. I also collected novelty keyrings. Very occasionally I still add to these two collections.


Books are covered under the section titled - strangely enough - books (not yet they ain't)

Computer Games

Stuff I want

Strictly speaking I've got too much crap already but there are a couple of items I'd like to pick up.

  • Any books by Hugh Walters

    There was a classic series of childrens sci-fi which is sadly now all out of print. Classic iliterative titles such as "passage to pluto", "venture to venus", "mission to mars" & "Journey to Jupiter" might ring a bell. They combine a simple writing style with good science and a generally positive tone. So far I have only managed to track down a couple for a reasonable price. Some of them are now collectors items. I'd be happy just to have the text. Hopefully one day a publisher will get around to reprinting an omnibus edition. Until then its down to a few collectors to carry on the torch.
    Titles I currently own
    • Murder on Mars
    • The last disaster