I have a number of profiles on various sites that I've joined as a 'free' member. I've got quite fed up with writing the same old rubbish time after time. Some of them have grown quite cynical. None of them have thus far earned we world-wide acclaim. Here are links to a few of them with commentaries where applicable. Prepare for excessive mirth - sadly not where intended. To be honest I cant even remember all the different places I've joined. This page will be useful for me to keep track of them all.


I badly need to get some better photos done. The image quality of the two I have is fine. I'm squinting into the sun in one and have a bad haircut in both. It doesn't help that I don't like the way I look anyway. So far attempts to create decent photos via webcam have not come out to well. Perhaps I'm being to critical? Still if you look at other peoples profiles (I do - only the female ones mind) the ones with professional quality photoes really stand out. It helps if you look like a model to start with but a good photo can really make the difference.

A better profile

At some point I need to write a proper profile which I will place here. All future profiles will then just refer back here or copy portions of the text herein. Improving the message content might be a good idea too. Rereading these in the cold light of day most of them are pretty poor. I might have some fun creating deliberately pitched profiles just to see what gets what kind of response. If I cant find a date the normal way I can at least try to be scientific about it. small smiley face


I've been with yahoo mail for yonks but I've never gotten around to creating a decent profile. I just noticed it was blank and added the basics.

Friends Re-united

I put quite an extensive profile here. I then tried to sneak some contact details in like other people had got away with and they wiped it completely. I couldn't get the old stuff back so I started again. There doesn't seem to be a length limit so I gradually added paragraphs like a mini blog. Some people tried to contact me but I didn't feel worthy of contacting them back. Everyone seems to be doing well and married with kids and it makes me feel a bit of a failure. Anyway, here's the link:

Friends Re-united Dating

A spin off from the old school site. Seems to be quite popular. This one was obviously written when I was still at Tyco and permanently sleepy. Proof that lack of sleep impairs your work.

Guardian Soulmates

This site was initially quite promising. I actually paid money to join it for a month in order to contact someone. Even more bizarrely I actually met someone from the site and saw her twice. I obviously blew it completely because I'm still single. Sometimes these things just don't work out. Unfortunately I haven't had any other dates as a result of this site yet. My occasional profile tweaks (to keep it appearing fresh to regular viewers) have gradually got more and more cynical to the point where its not likely to attract many potential dates.

Eligible Greeks

This one was actually a mistake. I was searching in google for geek dating. For some reason google decided to throw up a link to eligible greeks. I was half way though filling the form in before I realised. I figured what the hell and carried on. Follow the link below to see the result. The site allows for more detailed profiles than most. The questions and icebreakers can be quite informative.


Another dating site. Just joined recently. Seem to have Russian women interested in me. That would be no bad thing if it wasn't just spam. That said there seem to be some potential nice women there. Some in my area. I might consider joining to see if I can contact anyone.