Walking is good. Nothing quite like it on a warm sunny day. Some die-hards even like it in the rain. I guess that's fine too in the right company.

Actually I'm hoping to find a group of people of a similar age who are interested in walking and perhaps widening their circle of friends. Occasionally I meet with a few friends from uni and we go for a walk but this is not very often. Also its just us and we don't talk to strangers so it doesn't work very well as a means of expanding your social circle. Still its quite relaxing and we'd be happy to have others along. We often meet in Staines for this as a couple of them live there and you have the Thames just at hand.

The Rambler's have a 20-30s metropolitan group in London but for some inexplicable reason they seem to like sitting on a train for an hour or so and starting their walks from there. I'm not too happy forking out for overpriced train ticket (don't get me started on the rail network) to the styx to meet some people for the first time. I very much doubt they'd wait in the local pub for a perfect stranger like my mates would even if they are a friendly bunch.

Actually I was hoping for something a little more local. London isn't entirely urbanised and there are plenty of nice places to walk which require little more than a tube journey. Local to me I have the Grand Union canal and Horsenden Hill. There are plenty of other places a little further affield. Harrow Weild, Hampstead Heath, Richmon Park, the Thames Path. All of these appeal. I haven't yet set up a site of my own to organise these. In a way I'd rather somebody else organised it all. But anyway, if anyone is interested in forming one or knows of such group or just fancies a walk sometime get in touch. These walks could include a combination of pub visiting along the way but striking a balance that wouldn't be too extreme towards drinking. Just a few folk chillin' out and stopping for a rest or lunch.


I occasionally like to stroll or ride up and down the Grand Union canal which is acessible from the top of my road. By bike its only about fiften minutes to Paddington station. Yet by car or public transport it would take you the better part of an hour. The canal has two London side branches one to Regents Park and the other to Paddington. The junction is known as little venice. Its a teeny tiny lake with a couple of permanent stalls vending food and drink. Going the other way the canal runs past Horsenden Hill and eventually down to another junction. One branch joins the Thames at Richmond and the other goes all the way up to Birmingham. Needless to say I've never ventured quite this far. In fact I haven't quite reached the junction by bike yet. Walking there are a couple of pubs of note adjoining the canal. The Junction Arms is the local on the London side. It tends to be a bit quiet. If you leave the canal close to Horsenden Hill you come across the Ballot Box which is quite large and relatively lively, often full of screaming brats. A good place to stop after climbing down from the hill. A little further along (just in Greenford) is the Black Horse. This is another quite nice pub, relatively lively at times. On one trip I was suprised to find an Elvis impersonator in residence. It also serves food that looks good though I've not tried any of it personally. Anyone local up for a walk or a ride sometime?


The Thames is relatively local to me. Its easy enough to get to if you pop on the tube. A group of us occasionally walk from Richmond to Kingston. There is also a nice short walk from Richmond to Kew or visa versa. It takes roughly an hour an a half or less depending on your pace. There are plenty of tube stations around. Richmond is a good place to start from or end up as there are plenty of decent pubs, shops and places to eat. Strictly nothing to do with walking but there is a pleasant boat service between westminister and richmond (also hampton court) which may be a good way to start or round off your day.

Walks suggested on the Transport for London site

Haven't tried any of these - they can be found here