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Odd collections of thoughts that haven't found a home yet and currently belong neither on their own page nor in the diary section. Some things have been going round my mind every now and then without being written down. Here shall hence forth be their initial resting place.

Example of a random musing. If I ever find myself in the unfortunate position of needing a wheelchar I want a Davros wheel chair with the little dalek bumps, the built in computer and everything.

I don't cope with death very well (does anyone?). It upsets me. Even when its fictional characters in books. I'm not sure I'll be able to cope if confronted with it in real life(tm).


I was listening to a female friend today lamenting that men seem so interested in the physical side of things and that its not very romantic. I think the issue is that most of us bloke are quite physical people. Speaking for myself if you kiss me I'm quite likely to fall in love with you.


There seems to be some concern that events in New Orleans are leading to a petrol crisis. Quite how this works I don't know. Thousands of people died in New Orleans and they're worried about petrol prices? Some people need to get their priorities right. And lets not forget that this hurricane was probably helped along by a bit of global warming, so a measure of environmental responsibility wouldn't go amiss.

Quote: The death toll from 9/11 was 2,985. So far 415 have been confirmed dead after Hurricane Katrina, but the toll is expected to run into thousands.