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I'm currently residing in Hanger Lane (Central line) which is near Park Royal (Piccadilly Line) which is near Ealing in North West London.

Translocational schizophrenia

Stictly speaking I reside in the parish of West Twyford. This area suffers from considerable translocational schizophrenia. Part of the road has at times been considered to be the responsibilty of Brent council (cutting trees and mending pavements wise) but we pay our council tax to Ealing. We are also in the postal district for Willesdon. To cap things off we occasionally end up with Acton for one thing or another.

Local activities

Hereabouts or preferably somewhere slightly more visible I hope to attach some links for organising events such as walks and cycle rides. Instead here is a link to a bit on the canal on the 'walking' page.

Local Issues

I don't mean to sound down on progress but this kind of progress is progress in the wrong direction. We want to be spreading ourselves more thinly with more open space around rather than packing ever greater numbers into a smaller and smaller space.

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